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Franciscus is a Licensed State Contractor. Unlicensed Contractors Are Breaking The Law!

"If someone doesn't want to show you their license, that's a huge red flag."

Franciscus Roofing of Florida, Inc. is a fully licensed contractor (License Number CCC1331455) to perform business in the State of Florida.

Using a licensed contractor assures homeowners that the job is being completed legally and that all state and local building codes are being followed. State and local agencies are cracking down on unlicensed contractors in Florida and trying to put them out of business!

Here's more information from Fox 13 New in Tampa, FL.
Full article posted on www.fox13news.com 

TAMPA (FOX 13) - The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office says it plans to put construction fraud out of business.

The sheriff's office says 114 contractors responded to work on a project and, by the end of the sting, 80 were arrested for working without a license.

The sheriff's office urges residents to check out every person they hire to do work at their home.

If someone doesn't want to show you their license, that's a huge red flag.

"I implore residents not to hire unlicensed contractors and, if you decide to hire someone to do a home project, do your homework and make sure they have the proper licenses and permits to do the work," said Chronister.

Officials also wanted to reinforce that contractors must be licensed for every job, no matter how big or small. There is no such thing and a handyman with no license.

This operation netted dozens of people. The sheriff's office hopes this gets the message out to unlicensed contractors that the sheriff's office is coming after them.

Tile Roofing - Clay or Concrete?

Franciscus Offers Both!

The first use of clay tiles dates back to Ancient China! Throughout history, tiles became the go-to choice for roofs in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia because of the incredible durability that they provide!

In the 20th century, technology to fabricate tiles from cement became available, adding an additional option to tile roofing material choices. And, by impregnated standard grey concrete with iron oxides, manufacturers were able to create an imitation of the clay terra cotta tile.

Concrete or Clay? It's important to consider that clay tiles will last considerably longer than concrete. High-end clay tiles can last for as long as 75 to 100 years, while concrete will last approximately 50-years.

Both clay and concrete tile roofs don't rot when they get wet. Insects will not gnaw on tile roofs - which is a huge plus! They are durable in all climates and no coating, sealing or painting required when installing tile roofs.

Another benefit of using either clay or concrete tiles is that they are non-combustible. A properly installed tile roof qualifies for a Class “A” Flame-Spread rating which means lower fire insurance premiums.

Franciscus specializes in both clay and concrete tile roofs and can help you decide which is best for your home. Call us today at (239) 227-4211 or request a FREE EZ Quick Quote to discuss your roofing options with an expert!

Franciscus Roofing of Florida
is always striving to be the BEST at the most challenging aspect of our industry.

Our Impeccable Clean-up Guarantee 
We make sure we leave the grounds and property as good as we found it! Here are the steps we take.

 Communities We Serve Our service areas include Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Naples, North Naples, Golden Gate, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero and Lehigh Acres.

Before We Start

When We Finish

Impeccable Clean-up

Our Impeccable Clean-up Guarantee

  1. Prior to Commencement of Work
    -    The exterior of your home and landscape is covered with tarps in the areas the work is taking place.
    -    The dump trailer will be dropped off the evening prior or the morning of the job.
  2. Upon Completion of Work
    -    Power blowers are used to remove remaining debris from your new roof.
    -    A magnet sweep is performed to remove nails from the lawn, flowerbeds, walkways and driveways.
    -    The dump trailer is removed within 24 hours of completion of work.
  3. The Definition of Impeccable Clean-up in Roofing is as Follows:
    97%-99% of the debris will be removed from your property. Please keep in mind that literally tens of thousands of nails will be removed with your existing roof. If you find 100 nails, we feel that is unacceptable. You may, however, find 10, 20, 30, or 40 nails in your flower beds.

    We will refund you per nail for every roofing nail you find over 50! (within two weeks of completion or final clean-up) What other roofer gives this guarantee?

    Please call for details and restrictions

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What Our Customers Say

We care what our customers think of us and so should you.

Daniel H.

“I had my garage roof replaced with Franciscus in 09 and house roof replaced 3/12. In both cases, the roof’s were replaced quickly and with every consideration to quality of their work. I would recommend them highly.”

Gary L.

“Franciscus installed a new roof on my house in Westlake. The service and work quality was outstanding. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer Franciscus to anyone! It’s great to know a company stands by its product and workmanship.”

Deborah M.

“Franciscus Roofing did an excellent job on our roof, and their crew were well mannered and friendly. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs a nice, professional looking roof.”

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